SIDDIQ JIBRIL JEFFRIES, Founder and CEO of KREATIVE MINDZ INK (KMI) and native Atlantan, is a global citizen and was ahead of the term entering popular culture.  Siddiq is from a legacy of entrepreneurs, activists and thought leaders.  His Parents introduced their young Family to the global community through their professional pursuits and personal commitment to International Affairs, Medicine and Faith.  His early childhood education began in the Rural Communities of West Africa and continues in the Capitols of Countries around the World.  As an American Muslim, he is committed to scholarship and service to Humanity and his early entrepreneurial experience embraced what is today known as Social Entrepreneurship. His commitment to “do good and make money” drives the business model of his start-ups in Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail Sales, Entertainment and Consultancy.


Siddiq developed his first business at seven years old. He imported rugs and donated a percentage of his money to others in need. He was mentored by an experienced silk-screener and businessmen and designed his first T-Shirt to promote his rug sales. By the time he completed High School graduation, he was a principal in a successful Urban Clothing outfitter, RWORLD Shirt Company. Continuing his studies in the global community and only 18 years old, he apprenticed in the Family firm, ILI, and was mentored by an expert in International Affairs and Public Policy for three years.  He studied the “art of relationships” and learned the importance of surrounding oneself with knowledgeable people of character and expertise.  He interned with International Linkages (ILI) and the global Non-governmental Organization, the African American Islamic Institute (AAII) in Dakar, Senegal West Africa. He shadowed the firm’s activities from quiet diplomacy to access to thought leaders, CEOs, Heads of State, and business innovators from Senegal to Malaysia.  He used the opportunities to develop small business activities in import/export, entertainment and branding, building relationships with his peers and seasoned experts in a variety of sectors.